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We're a team of Agile-Enthusiasts. We help businesses spend time on new ideas, products, innovation and growth rather than on outdated bureaucracy, collective confusion, confusion and office chaos.
what we do
We give business owners and top managers the opportunity to leave time to inspire and find new non-standard solutions, instead of manually managing teams.

We find, train and input change agents into teams, help businesses work and create new ones, instead of sinking into piles of unsuitable processes.
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Training of top managers and teams in Agile system

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Installation and start-up of Agile processes in your company

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Accompanying and supporting the company in the process of Agile transformation

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When agiledrive can help
When it seems that your team members are busy with something
When your company does not have time to respond to customer needs
When you spend a lot of time planning and paperwork and projects do not move from place to place
When the growth, transformation and modernity of a company and the productivity and comfort of a team are important to you
When the pace of your team's work does not keep pace with the market
When you feel you can do better and faster, but you're sinking into chaos and uncertainty
Training of top managers and teams in Agile system
During the training we will analyze the history and essence of Agile and Scrum and get to know them in the form of a game and teamwork, trying on the main elements of the system on your team.

We have taken it as our goal to explain the processes in the training so that you can get back to work immediately after the training and start implementing Agile methods in your own projects.

It is also important: after studying and analyzing your company, searching for pains and goals, we adapt the training program personally to each organization.
Installation and start-up of Agile processes in your company
We will prepare teams and top managers for changes, and together we will launch these changes. We will change the standard "how it works" model and move to a new level with qualitatively and quantitatively new results of your business.

The process is based on a coaching approach and transparency: this is when we only guide the team and advise what to do, not impose tasks by force. The result is a better and healthier relationship between employees, synchronization of business tasks and needs with team capabilities and an understanding of the basics of the corporate Agile culture.
Accompanying and supporting the company in the process of Agile transformation
We will not just tell and launch Agile transformation in your company, and we will not leave you alone with these changes.

Team agiledrive will accompany you in the process of transformation (it is a separate coaching of top managers and owners, facilitation of team meetings with the tops, facilitation and coaching of the teams themselves and additional training) until you feel complete confidence in the processes.
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agiledrive team
Yuriy Koziy
Agile-Coach, Managing Partner
Yuriy Lytvynenko
Iryna Shapoval
Finance Director
Dmytro Iarmak
Andrii Shevchenko
Yulya Bartoshko
Scrum Master
Anton Glazkov
Anna Kushnir
Team Assistant
Denys Ryzhykh
Certified Coach ICAgile
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